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Growing your wealth amidst debt and dependents

If you’re an income earner with a mortgage and dependents, juggling your income and expenditure may feel like a tight squeeze but there is a way to plan for the life you want to live as opposed to just making ends meet.

Achieving your dream lifestyle begins with identifying what that life would look like. Perhaps you’d like to take the kids on an annual holiday or maybe you’d like to add an extension to your home when they transition to their teenage years. Most importantly, we respect that your goals are your own.

Together, we create a tailored financial plan to chart a course designed to achieve your identified objectives within your specified timeframes.

The bottom line: watching your wallet
Once you have consolidated your personal goals, we work with you to create a roadmap designed to help you arrive at that destination. A tailor made budget is established to accommodate both day-to-day expenditure and a manageable savings plan that is compatible within your overall financial plan.

Flexibility is assured as your cashflow management is regularly reviewed to enable adjustments to be made to reflect inevitable changes in your personal and professional life.

Investing: your portfolio, your way
If you would like to invest or expand an existing portfolio, we can present you with real-life scenarios to illustrate whether or not borrowing against your own home can be a tax effective solution in your particular set of circumstances.

You may already be familiar with the expressions “productive debt” versus “unproductive debt”. We can assist you to go beyond those buzz words so that you can make informed decisions about how these strategies can work for you.

We are well placed to assist you to unlock your investing style. We do this by opening up meaningful discussions to help you articulate what level of risk you would feel comfortable managing. From there, we work towards building a portfolio to sit within your comfort zone. Regular reviews, and modifications where appropriate, help ensure the process of investing never feels like an isolating experience. Every step of the journey, you will be guided and supported by experienced advisers.

If you would like a one-on-one, complimentary (no obligation) meeting to discuss wealth accumulation strategies please contact us on (02) 6041 8244.

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